Welcome to CL 34!

 Welcome to “Wild Tongues”: Contemporary Latina Literature and Cultural Production!

Over the course of 6 weeks, this class looks at the various “wild tongues” that have invented/re-invented/revolutionized the field of Latina women’s literature and culture in the late 20th century. Focusing on women writers that have dared to push the boundaries of acceptable femininity within Latin American and Caribbean cultures, we will look at how they negotiate the role of Latina women within family structures, linguistic communities, and socio-economic groups. Because Latina writers often blur the boundaries of traditional literary genres, we will consider pinnacle works of Latina literature—such as those of Gloria Anzaldúa, Emma Pérez, Erika Lopez, and Achy Obejas—alongside other forms of cultural production, such as performance art, television sitcoms, and popular music. We will also try our hands at these art forms in an effort to find new ways to enjoy/understand/interact with the written word. Looking at everything from Modern Family to Borderlands to our own writing, we will examine how these texts use their “wild tongues” to re-write the role of Latina women in American and Latin American cultures.


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